How to know which products are of interest to most customers? What is the profit earned by your store? Mageplaza' s Google Tag Manager will help you accomplish that through statistics: view product, view category, search page, thank you page that allows you to monitor and analyze data on the store, so that you can have suitable solutions to help increase sales effectively for your store.

In this article, you will be guided how to configure the Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics two-in-one app.

1. Google Tag Manager

- Enter the ID of Google Tag Manager in Your container ID field and click Save and Publish to use the app and to update some information of the events: view product, view category, search product and thank you page displayed when customers order successfully.

Google Tag Manager

View Product

View Product

View Category

View Category

Search product

Search product

2. Google Analytics

2.1. On the Google Tag Manager page, click Admin and select Import Container.

2.2. Click Choose container file button, download the file and import the downloaded file when the dialog box appears.

2.3. Click Existing button and select Default Workspace

2.4. Click Confirm button.

2.5. On the Google Analytics page, click Admin -> select Property Settings and copy Tracking Id

- Then click Admin, select Ecommerce Settings and turnon at Enable Ecommerce:

2.6. On the Google Tag Manager page, click Variables, select Google Analytics Settings and paste the Google Analytics ID into the Tracking ID section.

- After completing the installation, you can view all the events that Google Tag Manager app supports in the Google Analytics control panel.