Go to Home> Templates. Here display all available templates. With the default templates for Order, Invoice, Packing Slip, Refund will have a corresponding label beside.

Create New Template

To create a new template, click New template on the templates management page.

General infomation:

Template name: Enter the name for new template.
Template type: If you select one of Invoice/ Order/ Refund/ Packing slip template, the new template will become the corresponding default template when printing PDF Invoice/ Order/ Refund/ Packing slip.


Origin template: Choose a template with the desired design. There are 4 default template types for each PDF Invoice/Order/Refund/ Packing slip documents, respectively: Default Order, Default Invoice, Default Refund, Default Packing Slip.
- Click Load Template to load the content displayed in the template to Liquid. At Liquid, you can edit the content and information displayed in PDF Invoice using HTML Text.

- This application already has a few built-in variables you can use to design your template. You just need to click on Variables, copy the necessary information and paste it into the position to be displayed.

In the Style tab, you can edit the CSS style of PDF Invoice display such as font color, background color, alignment, etc.

After installation is completed in both Liquid and Style tabs, you can switch to the Preview tab to preview the template before Save it.

4 premade basic templates of PDF Invoice App




Packing Slip