Go to App > Templates. Here display all available templates. With the default templates for Order, Invoice, Packing Slip, Refund will have a corresponding label beside.

Create New Template

To create a new template, click New template on the templates management page.

Step 1: Choose a template

Template name: Enter the name for a new template. This is a required field. 

- Print by default: Choose Print by default to auto-print this template as default. 
-  Choose template

  • Click Choose template to view and select the pre-made template you want
  • Choose 1 in 4 templates: Default order, Default invoice, Default refund, Default packing slip and template's color

  • Click Load Template to preview that selected template on the right.
  • If there is any change on this template, click Load template and then Save to update the changes. 

- Template currency: Choose the currency for your PDF document 

  • Billing currency: The currency in invoice will be as same as the currency at Billing
  • Store currency: The currency in invoice will be the currency that is set default by store owner.

Step 2: Setup template

2.1 Content

If you want to show any information in ORDER INFORMATION, PAYMENT & SHIPPING INFORMATION, ITEMS ORDERED INFORMATION, please tick the checkboxes of corresponding information. 


  • Custom Sequence Number

  • Choose Custom Sequence Number to customize Sequence Number for your editing template. Only use this field if you want to create unique numbers for Invoice, Packing Slip, Refund documents. (If not, they will use the same number with Orders)

  • Prefix: Enter the character at front of Sequence Number

Example: INV- (for invoice)

  • Suffix: Enter the character at the end of Sequence Number

Example: -Lakashop

                  => With invoice number is 1005 and Prefix = INV-, Suffix = -Lakashop. Hence the last sequence number is INV-1005-Lakashop

  • Using PDF Document Generated Date: hoose this field to allow showing the date on the invoice as your settings, not the actual date that your invoice is created. 

  • Item Discount: Show discount value on each items 

  •  Footer Note: Enter certain information to notify the customer at the end of the document. This footer note often is a tax note or message to the customer. 

  • Thank you note:  Enter your thank you note that you want to send to customers

  • Additional page: 

    Click on Additional Page and Open Additional Page to add more page to template
    - Enter the content for Additional Page and press Add policy to finish. The page is designed to present the policy related to refund, packing slip,etc.

  • Paid/Unpaid Watermark: Show watermark about document payment status: Paid or Unpaid

2.2 Design 

  • Logo size: Change the logo size on the PDF templates

  • Font family: Choose the billing font

  • Primary color: Choose the theme color for the billing

  • Font Size: Change the font size as you want

4 premade basic templates of PDF Invoice App




Packing Slip