Step 1: Go to Google Tag Manager

On the Google Tag Manager Admin page, click Admin and select Import Container

Select Import Container from Google Tag Manager
Step 2: Download AVADA container for Google Ads Conversion Tracking

We have create a sample container for that best fit for Shopify. Just download and use.

  • download the AVADA-GTM-with Google Ads Conversion Tracking.json from the attachment.

and import the downloaded file when the dialog box appears.

Step 3: Import the container

 Click Existing button and select Default Workspace

Click Existing button

Step 4: Confirm

Click Confirm button.

Step 5: Update Conversion ID

 On the Google Tag Manager page, click Variables, select Google AdWords - Conversion ID and paste the Conversion ID into the field value.

Paste your Conversion ID

Step 6: Trigger Shopify Thank you page

Step 7: Submit changes

After that you should submit the changes by clicking the submit button on the top right.

That's done!