Do you want to customize the Avada Size Chart as your wish? If you want to add/remove or edit the size chart table freely, your article is for you.

First and foremost, you should understand that our app Size Chart uses WYSIWYG editor (just like Words or Google doc editor). So you can freely edit the content of the size chart.

Let's me introduce from the beginning.

Create campaign

Firstly, create an campaign or open the campaign you want to edit size chart.

Secondly, fill in the campaign name and priority

Edit size chart content

Here you will see some sections

Then, click to "What to show" section and start to edit your size chart.

Here you will see some sections include:

- Size chart title

- Size chart description and table

- Size chart preview (at the right corner of your screen)

I will focus on the editing size chart description and table in this article.

There are a lot of tools to edit your size chart. Basically, I introduces some popular tools that you may need:

Change the photo

You can upload photo/video from computer or enter the photo url

Add/Remove columns/rows

You want to add more colums or rows to your table. For example, your items have Plus size, Tall, Weight or any measurement unit, you can easily add them to the size chart.

See the example below:

- Click to the column/row that you want to add another before/after it.

- A small editor shown allow you to add column/row or merge them together.

More tool, just look up here