There are three display options of Size Chart for you to select:

Size Chart Inline Link

Select the display type as Inline Link, show more `Smart Selector` field that allows you to choose size chart postion on page.

To select the display position for size chart on Product pages, Home pages, Collection & Search pages, you need to click on the mouse icon corresponding to the pages in the Action column and select the location.

Size Chart Float Button

Position: Select the position you want to display the Float button, there are 6 positions: Bottom Right, Bottom Left, Top Right, Top Left, Middle Right, Middle Left.

  • Check the Rotation box to select the Float button to display horizontal rotation, uncheck the Float button will display vertical rotation

  • Border radius: the edge of the Float button will snap back to the value entered

  • Show on mobile: check box to let Float button show on mobile

- Bottom: float button is displayed at the bottom of the mobile page

- Top: float button displayed above mobile page

  • Hide text link: tick to hide the text link of the float button on mobile, uncheck the box that will show the text link on mobile

         + Custom Button Size: here you can customize the float button size as you like


  • Text: Enter a title for the Float button / Inline Link

  • Icon: Choose an existing icon or add it

  • Text color: Choose the color for the title of the Float button / Inline Link