To set the appearance of Size Chart popup, go to Modal Settings section

Pop-up position

Select the position of the popup on the screen when being opened:

- Header text: enter the title text for size chart popup

- Position: Select the position to display the popup on the page. There are 4 positions: Left, Right, Full, Center


Set the design for the size chart popup

- Background color: Select the background color
- Text color: Select the color for the text displayed
- Overlay color: Select the overlay color
- Border radius: Customize the popup border
- Shadow: Select shadow for popup

      - Responsive Width: customize the width of the popup size chart

      - Responsive Height: Customize the length of the popup

      - Top Align: align the top position of the popup

      - Left Align: Align the left side of the popup

      - Animation Effect: Enabled to allow adding effects to the size chart

      - Hover color: Choose a color for the board effect