If you are reading this article, you may have installed Photo Review app already.

In this article, Avada wants to introduce Photo Review app. Photo Reviews or Product Reviews is also a kind of Social Proofo so we want to include all-in-one solutions to the Photo Review app.

In general, you can collect and manage your product reviews effectively using this function.

1. How can the app help you collect reviews?

- Via Review Rating Block
Here you can see how the review block will be shown on your store

- Via review reminder emails

Review Reminder Email will be sent to new purchasing customers and customers who left a review without a photo
Here you can see an example email

2. What is the app settings

There are 4 main settings in the app:

- Review log

- Setting for review rating box and review reminder email

- Review report

- Email log

Now get started to configure the app and get more reviews! You can find more detailed guides to setup search setting.

Please do not hesitate to ask for our support via support@avada.io anytime you need!