1. Enable AVASync

- Go to ‘Store admin> App> AVASync> Dashboard

- Click the Toggle button to enable/disable the app's feature


2. Mailchimp Integrations

2.1 Connect to Mailchimp

- Step 1: Go to "Store admin> App> AVASync> Integrations"

- Step 2: Select the Mailchimp app

- Step 3:

+ Click here to create an account

+ Click Connect and enter account information to connect

2.2 Quit connecting to Mailchimp


- Click Disconnect to quit connection with Mailchimp

2.3  Sync your customers, products and orders to Mailchimp


- Click to select the list you want to sync

- Click Sync Now to start Data Sync

- After connecting and syncing data for the first time, the Sync Now button will be hidden and the data will be sync every 10 minutes.