In this article, we will help you apply Sticky Add-to-cart animation to your store

1/ Step1 -   Click to enable toggle button 

2/ Step 2 - Select devices to show

You can allow Sticky Add-to-cart to be shown on desktop and mobile

3/ Step 3 -  Select Position to show

You can show Sticky bar on the top position or bottom position of you page

4/ Step 4 - Select additional information to show on the bar

Product image: tick the box to show product image on Sticky bar

- Product price: tick the box to show product price on Sticky bar

- Qty input: tick the box to show the number of products that have been added to cart on Sticky bar

- Hide option variant on Mobile: This option is only visible when you allow Sticky bar to be shown on mobile.
To hide all product information on mobile, please tick this box

5/ Step 5 - Write  Add-to-cart success response message

In this field, you should enter a custom message that appears after customers add the product to cart sucecssfully

6/ Step 6 - Add- to- cart button text

Name Add-to-cart button on Sticky bar

7/ Step 7 - Qty text

Label Quantity box on Sticky bar