In this article, I will guide you on how to setup the appearance of your tracking page created by AVASHIP.

I/ Step 1: Navigate to App > Order Tracking > Tracking Page

II/ Step 2: Create the content that you want to show on Tracking Page

1. Content

- Heading: Name your Tracking Page

- Tracking Button Label: Name the label for Tracking Page

- Description: Write and format your own message/description for Tracking Page

- Click icon to preview Tracking Page

2. Design

- Font Family : Choose a font for Tracking Page description

- Heading Color: Choose a color for Tracking Page heading

- Button Label Color: Choose a color for Tracking Page button

- Tracking Button Color: Select your favorite color for Tracking button

3. SEO

- Page Title : Enter title for Tracking Page

- Page Description: Enter description for Tracking Page

III/ Step 3: Click Save to finish