I/ Create shipment

There are just 3 steps to create a shipment. Please follow our guide to create your shipment

1. Step 1: Navigate to App > Order Tracking > Shipments > New Shipment

2. Step 2 : Fulfill shipment details

- Shipment: 

  • Tracking number: Enter tracking number for shipment
  • Carrier: Click to find the carrier

- Customer Information: Enter the following information of customer:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone

3. Step 3: Click Save to finish

II/ Manage Shipment

1. Sync Shipment from Shopify

Navigate App > Order Tracking > Shipments > Sync with Shopify

2. Filter Shipment

- Enter Tracking Number or Order Number to search box and hit Search Button to find shipment

- Filter shipment based on Tracking Number, Order, Carrier or Email

Click on your wanted filter> Enter information that you are looking for> Press Apply button

-  Filter according to Status: Click to Status and select Status that you want to filter

- Click icon to view Tracking Page