Back to stock from Boost Sales is a helpful function that keeps customers engaged with your store when your inventory runs out.

After customers sign up through a back-to-stock form, their contacts are saved in the list. You can send them a follow-up email when items are back and ready to be sold.

In this article, we will guide you on how to create an effective back-to-stock email that wins customers and sales.

1/ Step 1:  Select Email at Back to stock section

2/ Step 2: Custom email content

- Subject: Enter your wanted email subject. You can use 2 variables: {{product_name}} and {{store_name}}

- Content message: In the email, you should include one of these variables to save email successfully and avoid the possibility that email may go to Spam folder
They are: {{product_item}} or {{shopping_now_button}} or {{product_url}}

- Shop Now button label:  Create label for Show Now button whose variable is 


* Important note: To find and use more variables, please click on Insert variables

-   Clik on Preview tab to see the email content in advance and make proper adjustments

-  To make sure that the email content will be delivered exactly as what you set up in the app,  you can use Send test email function.
Please click on Send test > enter email receiver > click on Send

3/ Step 3:  Click Save to finish the process

4/ Step 4: Check Log Send

At Logs Send tab, you can keep track of emails that have been sent to customers

Click on icon view to see more details

You have done all the necessary steps to create an appealing back to stock email that converts sales.

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Our dedicated support team will help you till your satisfaction ❤️