Most online shoppers don’t make a purchase on their first visit. So let's use Back-to-stock function to inform customers about product availability and get more sales.

If you already know how to custom back to stock email, that is great!

But that will be even better if you can create an eye-catching back-to-stock form that not only does its basic function but also attracts customers to leave their email and be excited to see your products back.

Let's get started!

I/ Step 1: At app Dashboard, enable Back to stock

II/ Step 2: Custom the display of Back to stock form

At  Back to stock, please click on Sign up form tab. You will see several options to adjust the form as you wish

1/ Popup: At Popup, you can change the following elements: Heading, Description, Button text, Font family, Background color, Alignment, etc

2/ Float button: 

- Button text: enter button label

- Position: Select a position to show the floating button on Product page. There are six positions to apply: Top right, Middle right, Bottom right. Top left. Middle left orBottom left

- Rotation:

3/ Preview 
Before publishing the form, you can double-check on how it looks like at Preview tab. You can also see the appearance of floating button at the same time

III/ Step 3: Click on Save to finish editing

Congratulations! You have got such an amazing back-to-stock form!
Please do not hesitate to drop a message at and ask for our support any time you need.