In this article, you will learn how to manage email contacts that are collected via back-to-stock form. Besides that, you will get to know how to keep track of back-to-stock products and get a real insight into customer's demands. 

I/ Contact

- At the Contact tab, you will find a list of emails submitted to get our update on the product's availability

- Contacts with Subsscribed status:

  • By clicking on view icon , a popup will show up for the contact's activity details. You will see all out-of-stock products that customers followed and the respective back-to-stock email status.

  • When a product is restored, stock back emails will be sent and the status will be changed to Send

- Contact with Unsubscribed status

  • Similarly, click on view icon  to open the contact's activity details. You can see the unsubscribe reason

II/ Product

At Product tab, you can manage all sold out products that customers have signed up for

*Important note:
- Click on view icon to open popup Contact list

- Click on Remove a contact from the list and stop sending back-to-stock emails to the contact.

- When the customer unsubscribes your back to stock emails, his email will be automatically removed from the list

It is quite simple to manage back-to-stock contacts and products. If managed properly, you will have a better understanding of customer's needs as well as product trends. We believe that you can start boosting sales with a simple but effective stock back notification!
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