Suppose you have difficulty arranging and showing queries and answers logically on your Shopify store. In that case, the AVADA FAQs app will help you address this problem at a glance with useful functionalities. From now on, customers will easily get the information they are looking for in the shortest time. 

This article will guide you in setting up questions by AVADA FAQs.

Firstly, at the left of the menu, select FAQs to go to the FAQs page:

1. Category:

- Add category: Click on the Add category button to create a new category.

  • Category name: Enter a category name. 
  • Feature Category: Mark the Feature Category to show it in the Categories block of the popup widget.

- Publish: Choose Enable at Publish to set up inquiries and display that category at Categories on the popup widget. 

Also, those questions will be shown on the FAQ page

- Featured: Click on the Featured box of a category name to exhibit that category at the frontend.

As a result, it will be included in the Categories block of the popup widget.

- Edit category: Hover to a category and select the Edit icon.

  • Category name: Fill in a category name. 

- Delete category: Hover to a category and click on the Trash icon to take further action.

Make sure your action is right:

2. Question:

- Add question: Click on the plus icon at a category to add new questions. 

  • Category: Display the category name you want to add a query.

  • Question: Fill in the query. 

  • Answer: Enter the information to answer the query above. 

- Publish: Enable the button to publish any questions on the frontend.

  • On the FAQ page:

  • In the Categories block of the popup widget:

  • In a specific category:

 - Featured: Tick Featured of any question to show it on the Articles block.

On the frontend, customers easily view the common inquiries without asking for help:

- Edit question: Click on the Edit icon of a question.

  • Category: Select a category, and its questions will be on display. 
  • Question: Enter a question.
  • Answer: Leave the reply to that question. 

- Delete question: Click on the Trash icon at a query you want to remove. 

A confirmation popup will be displayed for your second thought:

- Effortlessly drag and drop to arrange questions in a category.