You aim to create an attractive and unique popup that is different from other stores' ones. One thing is sure, the AVADA FAQs app will not make you disappointed with a functional and eye-catching widget on the storefront.

Let's get this started!

1. Step 1: Theme

Select 1 out of 6 available themes for the popup:

You are free to check the result before making a change at Preview.

2. Step 2: What to show

Add the blocks you want to display on the popup widget.

- Contact us: Enable to show the Contact us block at the frontend. The fields WhatsApp, Phone Call, Contact Form, and Message will also be on display if you enable their icon buttons. 


  • WhatsApp: Enter the phone number to connect to your WhatsApp.
  • Phone Call: Fill in the phone number to make calls to your store.
  • Contact Form: Enter a link to a page you want shoppers to visit.
  • Message: Enter a link to make conversations easily, e.g. your Facebook account. 

For instance, or link to the AVADA homepage.

- Order Tracking: Enable to show the Order Tracking functionality on the store.

- Featured Question: Show the Articles block that includes the questions marked Featured at FAQs. 

- Feature Categories: Display the Categories block that includes the categories marked Featured at FAQs. 

Please note that Featured Categories shows 3 categories enabled Featured as default. If no category is allowed, the 3 default categories will be published. 

3. Step 3: Heading

Configure the heading's content for the popup widget.

- Theme Color: Choose a color for your theme. 

- Text Color: Select a color for the texts. 

- Welcome Text: Fill in the content to be displayed on the top of the popup.

- Description: Enter the content under the Welcome Text.

4. Step 4: Widget Button

Select the options to show the icon button:

- Icon: Choose available icons or upload them from your device. 

- Background Color: Select the background color for the icon. 

- Alignment: Set up the button's position with 2 options (Bottom left and Bottom right).

5. Step 5: Preview on storefront

- Click on Go to storefront to visit your homepage. 

- Publish: After changing the Shopify theme, click the Publish button to display the popup widget on the frontend.  


6. Advanced Settings

- Custom CSS: Enter a CSS code you want to edit.

- Chat now: Contact us to get further support.